The Wandering Jew's Chronicle



Transcriptions by Giles Bergel, John McTague, Jessica Murphy and Scott Lehman

Bibliography and commentary by Giles Bergel

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Many individuals and institutions deserve acknowledgment. This project was initiated at Queen Mary, University of London: thanks are due to Christopher Reid and Markman Ellis and many members of the Eighteenth-Century Studies Reading Group. Work began during an Arnhold Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Early-Modern and Transcriptions centers in the Department of English at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where thanks are due to Patricia Fumerton, Alan Liu and numerous members of the English Broadside Ballad Archive project. The project was completed at the University of Oxford, where I am grateful for support and advice from Alexandra Franklin, Richard Ovenden, David Norbrook and many members of staff at the Bodleian Libraries, the Faculty of English and Oxford IT Services. I should also like to thank the Warden and Fellows of Merton College, Oxford. I owe debts to numerous other individuals, including to Syd Bauman and Julia Flanders for introducing me to TEI; my collaborators on the descent of the text, Heather Windram and Chris Howe; and, for all their support and encouragement, Richard Hamblyn, Nathaniel Bennett, David Molloy and Megan Hiatt.


This project was funded by the British Academy